Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Here are some ideas for your stardoll presentations.

Are you wondering how those girls get their presentations looking so cool? Do you envy them? Well now there is no need. Here are some funky ideas to help you with your presentation. If you would like more guestbook me OR add me and I will do a Funky presentation for you. 1000% hack free (I know what it is like to be hacked. I was hacked on two previous stardoll accounts. I have done many presentations for stardoll people 1000% hack free.)

Presentation Samples/Pics 

Sample of mine:

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Presentation Made By livvibavy
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Other ways to get a presentation
please visit me A.K.A livvibaby. I'm starting up a small business run by me. I do presentations, re-do or make albums.
No catch! No hacking! No price! It is absolutely free! Check me out!

Y.O.L.O=You only live once  

Hi! Welcome to my suite(: Im livvibaby. I really want to say this...just because i'm not a superstar doesn't mean I can't be CG, i really think i deserve to be covergirl. I work so hard on here, and i spend a lot of time picking out my outfits. It probably doesn't mean anything to you, but it wouldn't be that hard to click that 5th star. It only takes 10 seconds. Thank you so much. (: I also write a blog on stardoll (livvibaby's starblog). . . I make presentations for free, and i give makeovers for free as well! (you need a Google account to follow my blog)

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